Tuesday, 4 July 2017


From Beaches To Beautiful Palm Trees This Place Is Not Less Than A Heaven In India. So it’s cuisine which is very alluring.
A staple of Kerala includes Seafood and Rice which is mainly consumed by the local people in their daily diet. So as a food enthusiast I was eagerly waiting to try the cuisine of this beautiful city of  Calicut. So as I was tired because of travelling 6 hours straight I wanted to try a very famous restaurant named MEZBAN which was located opposite to my hotel which served amazing local delicacies Without any further thought I tried their all time favorite mango fish curry with ghee rice, Chicken 65 and grilled fish on banana leaf. All the dishes had their authentic taste. It’s a thumbs up for all the foodies out there to try out this amazing place if you are in Calicut and yes don’t for get to try the

amazing desserts at a coffee shop outside the restaurant to chill down the spicy flavours of the food. To digest the food and to try the next best place all the eateries in Kerala will serve you with their special Ayurvedic tea which is pink in colour and has uncountable health benefits.

An Offbeat Place in Himachal which has so much to offer. - Bir Billing

Bir is located in the subdivision of Baijnath, in the district of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, 5000 ft. above the sea level. Just  50 km from Dharamshala, this place provides equanimity like no other place.
Being not heard by many, this place is still unspoiled and unexplored by people. This small town resides Tibetan Culture with many beautiful monasteries and beautiful people. 
Here are the top reasons for the travelers craving for adventure to visit the town.

1. Soak in stunning view of Dhauladar range.
Billing is 14 km stretch from Bir, which provides an extravagant view of Dhauladar Range covered with snow.
Primary School in Bir

2.Experience the Tibetan Culture.
Since this town is immersed by Tibetan culture, one can find many beautiful monasteries, Colorful Tibetan prayer flags and handmade artsy products made by Tibetan community.  

Monastry  in Bir

3. Experience out of the world.
 Bir Billing offers paragliding like no other place in the world. it is the second best spot in the world to paraglide, while paragliding you can have the magnificent view of Bir which is the landing site 800m below the take off point. If you are lucky enough to paraglide on a cloudy day, you can see what heaven feels like.
Hanging in the air